Happy New Year

Male cirl bunting on 2 January 2013. Photo by Mick DrydenBIRDS ON THE EDGE hopes that 2013 will be a very productive year for our coastland and its declining birds. So, let’s start the year with some good news about our rather precarious cirl bunting population.

Mick Dryden visited the single cirl bunting site on the morning of 2nd January. The male was in full song as Mick arrived, in the tree above the feeder, and sang for ten minutes. The female was calling low down and may have been near the feeder. The male then flew off high, over the houses, heading south towards the Club House, so was, presumably, checking the site was secure! They have made it into 2013. There was a grey and white cat in the new gorse area in front of the feeder. Mick reports that he “made it feel unwelcome”!


One thought on “Happy New Year

  1. great news for the cirl bunting, i am glad he chased the cat, sounds good for the breeding season with the male singing already. 😉

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