November volunteer activity

The Elms. Photo by National Trust for Jersey

Sunday 2nd November 2014 – The Elms, St Mary – 10:30 – 13.00

From Jersey Conservation Volunteers

Dear volunteers,

Please note that this event is earlier in the month than normal, so as not to clash with Remembrance Sunday on 9th November.

The details

Hedge management and planting

The site

The Elms is on La Cheve Rue, in St Mary, at the top end of St Peter’s Valley. Take the first right after Granite Products, and you will see the National Trust for Jersey sign on the left hand side. Parking will be on site, and signposted on the day.

The task

The hedges around the National Trust for Jersey HQ in St Mary have long been a paradise for wildlife. They are a mixture of native, fruit bearing species such as hawthorn, blackthorn, hazel, bramble, holly and dog rose. Over the years, the Rangers have planted many trees and shrubs, some of which have taken, some of which have not. The task will involve clearing the long grasses that have grown around the base of these already planted trees, to prevent competition for water and nutrients from the soil, and the planting of some new trees. We have nearly 1,000 trees to plant this winter, so the more helpers we get the better!

Hedges are beneficial to wildlife as they provide corridors between habitats, meaning that land based creatures such as Jersey bank voles, slow worms and shrews can move between sites without having to cross open spaces, where they are likely to become lunch for someone. They also provide sites for nesting birdsand food, whether it be the blossoms that blue tits are so fond of, or the blackberries that everyone and everything loves. They are also home to a myriad of bees, bugs and butterflies.

Tools needed

Please bring cutting tools such as sickles and a spade if you have them. We do have some tools, but the more the merrier. We also have some gloves, but please do bring your own if you can.

Clothing needed

Please dress for the weather, and wear sturdy footwear, we will be working in farmed meadows, grazed meadows and on top of banks. We may even get to meet some Jersey cows who call the meadows home.


All children are welcome but must be supervised by a parent or guardian during the task.

Refreshments will be provided, of course, by our favourite cake lady, Kim the Kake.

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