February volunteer activity

NE-IM-JTFL hedgerow Trinity Manor 27.01.2015Sunday 8th February 2015 – Field 550 west and 545a west and south, St Saviour – 10:30 – 13.00

From Jersey Conservation Volunteers

This month we are joining forces with Jersey Trees for Life to help with their Jersey Hedgerow Campaign.

The details

Hedgerows are an important component of the countryside for their landscape and ecological value, providing shelter and helping prevent soil erosion and water run-off. A wide range of structure and species composition ensures that hedgerow habitat can provide foraging, shelter and nesting opportunities for a diverse range of wild animals, and can act as an important refuge for wild plants. Hedgerows also fulfil an important function in connecting separate habitat areas, facilitating the movement and dispersal of a wide range of species.

The hedges in our activity this month are to be planted around agricultural fields in St Saviour and will consist of native and naturalised species.

The site Fields 550 west and 545a west and south in St Saviour.

Parking On Google Maps use this link. Important Parking for this task (marked on the map) is in a field and the entrance to the field is only accessible when approaching from an easterly direction. This will be sign-posted on the day.

In the Jersey Phone Book the parking is on Map 9, in the middle of square D2, on Rue du Paradis

The task The task today will be to plant hedges of native and naturalised species around agricultural fields in St Saviour.

Tools needed Please bring a garden spade if you have one, we are very short of these. Secateurs and lump hammers may also be handy. Also, as usual, garden gloves if you have them, if not we have some you can borrow.

Clothing needed Please dress for the weather, old clothing and sturdy boots are recommended. Waterproofs, thermals or sun screen, depending on the weather!

Children All are welcome, young or old. Children under 16 must be supervised by an adult, but are very welcome.

Refreshments will be provided afterwards, of course, by our favourite purveyor of all things cakey… Kim.