February volunteer activity

Jersey Trees for LifeSunday 14th February 2016 – La Rue du Saut Falluet, St Peter – 10:30 – 13.00

From Jersey Conservation Volunteers

What better way is there to spend Valentine Day than planting a hedge; well the wildlife will certainly love you for it!

Jersey Trees for Life is continuing with its Jersey Hedgerow Campaign project which plants trees and hedging to make up for losses caused by a number of reasons including Dutch Elm Disease, storms and certain modern farming practices. Having started in 2008, this is the 8th consecutive year of mentoring the three chosen flagship mammal species of red squirrels, hedgehogs and bats. The latter are being focused on this year where it is planned to plant over 2,500 tree and hedging whips over the course of this winter. Since its inception some 24,000 whips have been planted which equates to over 18 km of new or restored hedgerow being planted.

Jersey Trees for Life (2)The details The field boundaries to be planted will have been previously marked out with hedging at 0.75 metre centres and trees positioned at 5 to 8 metres. After a detailed demonstration, volunteers will be initially digging the holes and then planting the whips, followed by fitting the materials such as tree shelters, spiral guards and mulch mats. It is important that attention is paid to detail so the hedging whips are planted upright, in a straight line, roots are fully covered and the plants are firmed in well. Volunteers will be encouraged to work steadily and make sure the task is completed to a high standard so the plants have the best chance to establish in this harsh environment.

Please contact Julia at j.meldrum@gov.je or Jon at jonparkes@nationaltrust.je or phone Julia on 441600 or Jon on 483193 before you go just case anything changes.

The site We will be meeting on site in a field off La Rue du Saut Falluet which is west of St Peters Arsenal . On Google maps use this link. In the phone book the parking is on Map 7, square 2C

Parking Parking will be in a field nearby…just look for our silver pick-up!

The task Planting trees

Tools needed If you have a garden spade please bring it with you and gloves if you have them.

Clothing needed Appropriate clothing including sturdy footwear and long trousers is recommended due to the terrain and vegetation in some areas. Be prepared for any weather conditions as we will go ahead regardless! Waterproofs, thermals or sun screen (fingers crossed) may all be useful.

Children All are welcome, young or old. Children under 16 must be supervised by a parent or guardian during the task.

Finally, and some would say most importantly, Kim the Kake will supply us with hot drinks and her yummy homemade cakes.