Data Protection

Firecrest (2). Photo by Mick DrydenBirds On The Edge and compliance with the Jersey’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

BOTE statement on how we store, use and protect your personal information

Overall purpose: Birds On The Edge uses e-mail to communicate with people interested in the restoration of Jersey’s coastal lands and elsewhere in the Island, general conservation issues and the return to Jersey of the red-billed chough.

How we gather your personal information: We gather names and e-mail addresses from emails sent to us, through other interest in the project or requests made directly through the website Birds On The Edge does not gather personally identifiable information of visitors to its web site.

What we store: Your e-mail address and, if provided, your name.

What we do not store: We do not ask for nor store any other details.

How we store it: All gathered material is stored on password-protected computer systems under our personal control through Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust. We use neither paper nor off-site “Cloud” storage.

How we protect it: Durrell uses up-to-date commercial anti-virus and anti-malware protection. Servers are scanned for potential problems regularly and systems are updated by contracted IT specialists.

How we use it: Your personal information is used by Birds On The Edge for mailing out items of general interest to the group mailing list.

Your rights: You may at any time ask to see the information we hold on you, and likewise you may ask for it to be deleted, and we will comply. If you no longer wish to receive mailings from us, please tell us by emailing or

Glyn Young

2nd May 2018