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The Pen Llŷn & Iveragh Chough Count

Belle-Ile, Brittany and its choughs. A photo gallery
What is a “cough”?: A study into childrens’ awareness of Jersey’s chough project   
Fifth International Red-billed Chough Meeting. Segovia, Spain, 10-11 October, 2019
Syngamus, Sorel, and sh*t: insights into a student placement
UPDATE: Manx loaghtan roaming free at Sorel once again
Job vacancy at Sorel!
Want to study choughs?
Why farms need dung beetles, why choughs need dung beetles, why we all need dung beetles

Jersey’s superstar sheep flourishing on the north coast
The results are in!
PhD Studentship available in ‘The Restoration of an extinct Kentish icon: Feasibility of reintroducing the chough to Kent’
Birds On The Edge on Open Country
Stop Press – meet Dusty the chough!
Sorel, choughs and sheep on Countryfile
My time with the choughs – it’s not all sunshine on Jersey’s north coast
Nest-boxes, new homes for choughs
Cornish choughs: lessons from natural re-colonisers
Jersey choughs stretch their wings
My summer with the choughs
The wanderer returns!
Mauve missing! – We need your help
Paradise Park send over new recruits for the chough project
Dingle, Bean, Chickay and Caûvette take to the skies: the first soft-release of hand-reared chough chicks
Introducing Jersey’s new, home grown, choughs
More news on Jersey’s wandering choughs
Keep a look out for wandering choughs
Jersey’s choughs out and about again
How to test a chough. In a laboratory that is
Jersey’s choughs get their own video
New recruits join the cause
Birds On The Edge overseas in October
Chough update: setbacks and personal agendas
Ronez support Birds On The Edge
Chough release update – where’s Wally?
Choughs fly again in Jersey!
Out and about with Arthur the Chough
Cornwall’s choughs – the dramas continue
Drama among Cornwall’s wild choughs
First red-billed choughs move to the release aviary
4th International Workshop on the Conservation of the Red-billed Chough
Choughs on Sept Îles – February 2013
Northern Ireland’s choughs: is hard work paying off?
Feisty choughs
Weekly updates on BBC Radio Jersey
Choughs on the Sept Iles
Brittany choughs: update
Chough in the Isles of Scilly
Choughs at Sept Iles, Brittany
The fall and rise of the chough in Cornwall
Planning application for chough release aviary submitted
Irish choughs invade Cornwall