How can I help?

Birds On The Edge – how you can help

Visit to Sorel aviary 2013. Photo by National Trust for Jersey

Birds On The Edge will only succeed with your support and that of the wider community in Jersey. We hope that we can increase respect for our Island’s wildlife and beautiful coastline and in order to best achieve this we need your help to spread the message widely so please encourage as many people as possible to visit this site and to learn about our coastlands and the work we are doing. Needless to say, the project will always need financial and practical support too.


Red-billed Chough. Photo by Regis PerdriatWe do not have the facility to accept money directly but it is possible to make donations for both the chough project and  for habitat restoration in the following ways:

Chough Project  Please phone Glyn Young on 01534 860032 or e-mail at You could also visit the Durrell website here and donate directly (please don’t forget to mention the choughs in the ‘donation to support’ box).

Habitat Restoration Please phone the National Trust for Jersey on 01534 483193 or e-mail at and ask for your donation to go directly to land restoration work at Trust sites on the coast.


Bracken clearance on north coast. Photo by National Trust for JerseyThere are always volunteer opportunities with the Jersey Conservation Volunteers so please check their website here and look out for news on the BOTE website too. We may also have opportunities for bird monitoring, shepherding and chough surveillance so if you are interested please phone Glyn Young on 01534 860032 or e-mail at


Remember, if you see a chough on the Island please let us know here


Please visit our website regularly to see how we are getting on. You can also sign up to receive our latest news directly by e-mail by clicking here and scrolling down the right-hand side.