Common toad. Photo by Kristian Bell

A project of this size and ambition needs a lot of friends and supporters. We hope to highlight everyone that is involved in all the hard work that this project will require through the pages of this website.

The chough programme is indebted to the close collaboration between Durrell and Paradise Park in transfer of the captive-bred birds from Hayle in Cornwall to Jersey and for advice in managing the birds throughout. Funds for the chough project have been donated by AIB Jersey, The James Family Charitable Trust, Minerva Trust (Jersey) and Samares Investments Ltd. Waddington Architects produced all plans for the release aviary and provided support throughout the planning process. Paul Veron, Ian Buxton and Margaret Austin (Channel Islands Ringing Scheme) helped with ringing the birds for release.

The RSPB has provided advice and consultants for habitat and bird management planning. The Société Jersiaise has collaborated with the bird monitoring programme since its inception and volunteer observers have put in many hours in all weather counting the birds. CS Conservation has managed the wonderful sheep that are so integral to the future of the grazing project.

The website was designed and constructed by Colm Farrington while Dominic Wormell and Veena Dookoo of Rocket Products designed and produced the BIRDS ON THE EDGE logo. Kit Ashton, Badlabecques and Le Rocquier School produced the project soundtrack. Gerraint Jennings and L’Office de Jèrriais provided translations.

We have used the photographs of a great many people and, wherever possible have used photographs taken in Jersey. We are indebted to Kit Ashton, Kristian Bell, Gilles Bentz, Mabel Cheung, Miranda Collett, Trevor Copp, Ray Cornford, Romano da Costa, Aaron le Couteur, Charles David, Armel Deniau, Mick Dryden, Steve Duffield, Colm Farrington, Gerardo Garcia, Hawk and Owl Trust, Henry Glynn, Martin Goodey, Gregory Guida, Anne Haden, Amy Hall, Neil Hayes, Henry Hill, Paul Hillion, Mark Hows,  Hamlyn Jones, Andrew Kelly, Jill Key, Annette Lowe, Marsch 1962, Paul Marshall, Richard Perchard, Regis Perdriat, Stephen Piggott, Tim Ransom, Tony Richardson, Simon Robson, Colin SeagerBob Sharples, Andy Thompson, John Wilkinson, Tim Wright, Glyn Young and Karen van der Zijden.