Birds On The Edge gets a soundtrack from Badlabecques

Badlabecques on the north coast. Photo by BadlabecquesFrom Badlabecques

Jersey musicians of repute Badlabecques have recorded a song with students from Le Rocquier School, to celebrate the new chough release aviary at Le Don Paton, near Sorel Point, on Jersey’s north coast.

The song itself is based on a 1934 Jèrriais poem by Frank Le Maistre, which was set to music by Norman French band Magène and adapted by Badlabecques with the help of local poet Geraint Jennings. Titled “Ma Bouaîs’sie” (My Wood) it evokes walking through Egypt Woods in Trinity and hearing all the birds singing together.


J’connais l’bouvtheu et la rouoge-gorge,
Et touos les mêles mé sûffl’yent beinv’nue,
La grive, lé vèrdreu et l’mouosson.
Et l’rossîngno (tch’est un pînchon).

I’y’a étout lé rouoge linnot,
Lé pique-en-bouais et l’vèrmîngnon,
Lé p’tit raîté – eune vraie dgilouette –
Et la mîngnonne dé cardrinnette.

Dans ma bouaîs’sie j’sis bein èrchu,
Ch’est si pliaîthant d’ouï la musique –
Tout l’ouaîthelîn chante à forte vouaix
A londgeu d’jours parmi les bouais.

J’voudrêmes èrvaie la bouonne caûvette;
J’voudrêmes èrouï étout l’alouette,
Auve sa couôthinne, l’alouette dé mielle,
Par nos falaises rotcheuses et belles.

Pis y’a la d’mouaîselle du Ouaisné,
Lé poffîn épis l’cormouothan;
Y’a l’êteurcélet des mathais,
La rouoge-coue et lé p’tit jaûnouais.

Dans ma bouaîs’sie j’sis bein èrchu,
Ch’est si pliaîthant d’ouï la musique –
Tout l’ouaîthelîn chante à forte vouaix
A londgeu d’jours parmi les bouais.

Le Rocquier students in the studio. Photo by Badlabecques Birds On The Edge wanted the song to be an educational project, as well as a piece of community art so they are pleased that Le Rocquier School students are involved.

Rick Jones, Durrell Communications Officer says:
“We are delighted that as well as cultural history, Badlabecques are promoting a love of natural history, and taking it to the younger generation. Jersey’s heritage is interwoven with its landscapes, and Birds On The Edge will restore and protect natural areas of the Island’s beautiful coastal regions for posterity. What better way to celebrate this, than to give it an authentic soundtrack!”

Phillip Slater, Head Teacher at Le Rocquier School says:
“Recently at Le Rocquier we have been focusing on the importance of Jersey’s native language, Jèrriais, as well as our natural history. Above the entrance to our hall we have placed our school motto “Our School, Our Education, Our Future” in Jèrriais. We are also developing Jèrriais extracurricular classes and we have also been looking to encourage the speaking, and indeed singing, of Jèrriais in as many ways as possible.”

Kit Ashton, founder and lead singer of Badlabecques is also proud of the song:
“This is exactly what Badlabecques is all about as a band – celebrating our beautiful island, our heritage, and our community through music that is hopefully both entertaining and meaningful. I love it!”

Song details

Released 4th April 2013
Recorded and mixed at Le Rocquier School, Jersey, featuring students from Year 8.

Download of the song Ma Bouaîs’sie in your choice of high-quality MP3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire here.

One thought on “Birds On The Edge gets a soundtrack from Badlabecques

  1. Absolutely lovely,not just because it raises awareness of the Chough Project but will educate the young people of Jersey, your future conservationists! I presume you must be going into schools etc., as part of your ‘raising awareness’ campaign, alongside radio and TV slots? Hoping to visit next month and see for ourselves first hand [from the designated footpaths!]..your aviary set-up.