Latest news on restoration projects

News on restoration projects can be read here:

UPDATE: Manx loaghtan roaming free at Sorel once again
Job vacancy at Sorel!
A brambling winter at the bird crops
Plémont – how to create species rich grassland…. or heathland
Saving the devil: a story about seabird recovery in the Caribbean
Plea to dog owners after lambs are chased off cliff
Grazing returns to L’Ancresse Common
Winter bird crops feeding more threatened birds every year
New hedge planted near St Ouen’s Pond to help birds
Sheep attacked in Beauport
The Jersey National Park – something rather special
Coastal grazing project – coastal slope between Grosnez and Plémont
Why farms need dung beetles, why choughs need dung beetles, why we all need dung beetles
Jersey’s superstar sheep flourishing on the north coast
Winter is coming and …..and so are the birds!
Islanders help boost Jersey’s grazing restoration project
Monitoring schemes in Jersey and the BOTE Breeding Bird Survey
‘Operation Skylark’. Conservation Herd project at Port Soif, Guernsey
European biodiversity being lost at unacceptable rates. Again intensive agriculture is main culprit
Restoring heather on Jersey’s coastline
New research provides farmers with techniques to help turtle dove recovery
Cirl bunting success in south-west England
Operation Hungry Gap – Jersey birds require desperate measures in desperate times
Evidence of the need for a network of conservation fields
Hedges in farmland: good for birds, good for farmers!
Where have all the sheep gone? – Bracken control on the north coast
Jersey’s Manx Loaghtan sheep – the choughs’ neighbours and friends
Coming to a field near you…
Exciting news from Plémont
Jersey public is asked to help map Japanese knotweed
The Countryside Enhancement Scheme and Birds On The edge
Back to Work and Birds On The Edge
The Farmland Scheme: feeding Jersey’s birds this winter
Back To Work at Sorel
Birds On The Edge Farmland Scheme shortlisted for top local conservation award
Getting rid of Hottentot fig does bring results!
2013 Trial scheme to help farmland birds through the winter months
Bracken clearance above Grève de Lecq
50 more vergees of bracken to be cleared on the north coast in 2013
Planting hedges for Jersey’s birds
The Countryside Enhancement Scheme