Where have all the sheep gone? – Bracken control on the north coast

20140817_094111Recent visitors to Sorel and Devil’s Hole may have been puzzled by the disappearance of the resident sheep. Don’t worry they are still there. They have been moved into the field with the chough chicks and will be locked in there whilst bracken control measures are carried out.

20140817_085056Work commenced on the 11th August and will continue until 8th September. Control measures will include the use of herbicides on the land surrounding Mourier Valley. For this reason we are asking pet owners to keep their pets on a lead and keep to designated foot paths for their own safety during this time.


Herbicide treatment specific to fern species such as bracken targets the rhizome (underground roots) and accumulates in both active and dormant buds where it effects a lethal action. It frequently produces a very good reduction in fronds in the year after spraying, but does require multiple applications to be effective in the long term. To find out more about bracken and the control measures we use click here. For any questions regarding the current work being carried out around Mourier Valley please call 07797 740202.

From what we can see the sheep have not taken too badly to their confinement. The grass is getting shorter by the second and the birds are reaping the benefits.


One thought on “Where have all the sheep gone? – Bracken control on the north coast

  1. Good to see further conservation measures at the Sorel site and to hear of the designated area where ‘sheep may safely graze’.
    Bracken is by far the biggest opponent of restoration and I’m sure we all knew that controlling it was likely to be quite a marathon.
    Pleased to hear the sheep are in general agreement and equally as pleased that choughs are enjoying the free take-aways!
    Well done you all,
    Mike S

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