Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust (Durrell) was founded by author and naturalist Gerald Durrell in 1949. Its mission is to save species from extinction worldwide and it achieves this through conservation breeding programmes, restoring species in their native habitats and training others to do the same. For 50 years, Durrell has championed and led the conservation of species most highly threatened with extinction. This mission has taken us to many parts of the globe, but in particular to the many islands that support such a high proportion of endemic and globally threatened species. In that time, Durrell has built up a core body of conservation expertise and a network of partnerships with leading organisations that will allow us to further develop our ability to save species for another 50 years to come. Durrell’s headquarters is at the Wildlife Park in Trinity.


States of Jersey Department of the Environment

The Department of the Environment is responsible for the Island’s built and natural environment and is divided into two sections: the Planning and Building section and the Environment section.

The Department’s responsibilities include:

  • ensuring that land is developed in a way that enriches the quality of the natural and built environment
  • making sure buildings are designed and constructed to safe and environmentally sound standards
  • promoting awareness and understanding of environmental issues
  • environmental policy and regulation
  • management of the working countryside, including farming and horticultural industries, marine resources and fisheries
  • monitoring and enforcement of animal health and welfare
  • provision of meteorological services
  • management of countryside and marine environments
  • environmental protection and conservation
  • encouragement of sustainable development 
  • maintenance of a high quality environment
  • encouraging the sustainable use of natural resources.


National Trust for Jersey

The National Trust for Jersey is an independent and charitable organisation dedicated to preserving and safeguarding sites of historic, aesthetic and natural interest for the benefit of the island of Jersey.

Established in 1936 the Trust is now the island’s largest private land owner caring for over 130 sites. Within that number are a variety of historic buildings including five farms, four cottages, two watermills and various historic military buildings. However, the majority of the Trust’s sites are areas of land, forming an integral part of the island’s natural environment and encompassing a rich variety of habitats such as woodland, farmland, heathland, meadows and wetland. The Trust employs 12 full time staff which include a number of rangers and highly skilled craftsmen to manage and maintain its sites in accordance with its conservation policies. All Trust lands are freely accessible providing a valuable opportunity for people to enjoy and appreciate Jersey’s countryside.