More news on Jersey’s wandering choughs

Chough at Mont Orgueil, Gorey, May 2014. Photo by Chris Durbano In recent weeks we have asked people to look out for and report sightings of chough here in Jersey. Reports will help us understand better the activities of the released Sorel birds. It might also help us locate two birds that have wandered from the group. We lost signals for two birds four weeks ago. One was found at Noirmont Manor, but then disappeared again.

However, our desire to hear of sightings has now taken on a new impetus. On Wednesday (30th April) one of the breeding male choughs at the Wildlife Park (Arthur) got out of his aviary and disappeared.

On Saturday (3rd May) and Wednesday we received reports of Arthur. He was in Gorey Castle and then in the Les Platons area. The quicker people report sightings the sooner the team can catch up with the birds to check on their welfare (and exact identification). Please report any sightings of the choughs to or through here.Red-billed choughs at Sorel. Photo by Pierre Rauscher


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