Chough report: June 2012

Captive breeding at Durrell

There has been nothing to note since the loss of the chick. Both pairs seem very disinterested now.

Captive breeding at Paradise Park

All three parent-reared chicks survived to fledging age. Hopefully, these will be brought over to Durrell in the autumn to be used in the trial release.

Display flock at Durrell

On the 30th June morning routine B6977 (Wt-R ♀) was found entangled in wire zoo-mesh on top of the catch-up cage. There were two large holes, one of which she had got stuck in. It is not known when, or how, the holes first appeared, but it is likely that the choughs made them bigger by pecking at the metal. They are very inquisitive birds and are attracted to shiny objects. The bird was cut free and examined for any injuries but she appeared fine and was released straight back into the aviary to avoid further stress. Unfortunately, we didn’t get a weight for her but her body condition looked good: not too thin or too fat.