Living Islands: Live. A puffin season on Burhou

Atlantic puffin. Photo by Tom MarshallFrom Living Islands: Live

In March 2013 one hundred and seventy-five pairs of Atlantic puffins will return to the small island of Burhou which is situated two kilometres north-west of Alderney to breed. The seabirds will live and raise their young on the rocky coastline for a few months before they return to sea with their young, in the puffin’s case their ‘puffling’ chicks.

Burhou. Photo Alderney Wildlife TrustTo record this amazing passage of events the Alderney Wildlife Trust and South East Grid for Learning Associates will be using state of the art technology from ITV Channel Television and Sure to enable pupils in schools to follow the story in their classrooms and at home.

A Puffin Season on Burhou is an exciting project offering schools in the South East of England and the Channel Islands the opportunity to bring the fascinating life of the puffin live into their classrooms. Using the charismatic puffin as a focal point, this project Burhou cameras. Photo Alderney Wildlife Trustlinks directly to the Keystage 1 & 2 curriculum, and is an effective way of teaching Science and Literacy skills, and promoting pupil creativity. This website will provide schools with daily 24 hour updates, live streamed video and a range of other excellent features to keeps schools and pupils informed about developments on the island of Burhou.

Teaching & Learning Resources

Atlantic puffins. Photo by Chris BaleTo support the project teachers and pupils will be able to access and download a range of excellent Teaching & Learning resources from the project website. Schools can opt to follow the 12 week project plan or select activities from the project menu. Designed for use with Key Stage 1 and 2 pupils these include:

  • Science activities linked to popular topics including adaptation, life cycles, food      chains, habitats, caring for the young and conservation and protection
  • Daily and weekly mathematical data providing pupils with information about puffin numbers, frequency, location, climate and daily weather reports
  • Literacy activities – including opportunities to work with our project author
  • Geography & History – Information about the relief, climate and history of Alderney
  • Plus Art/Design and ICT activities for pupils of all ages.

Interested in taking part in this exciting science based project?

The project will commence at the start of the Term 5 and run until the end of the first week in July.

Please note, spaces for Channel Island schools are now fully booked. If you would like to be kept informed about the project please contact Living Islands: Live