Jersey’s choughs get their own video

Choughs at Ronez Point. August 2013. Photo by Colin StevensonWhen the first choughs arrived at the Durrell Wildlife Park in 2011, a very inspired person (Mike Stentiford) suggested that the project collect video footage of every aspect of this programme as we went along. That way we would have footage of everything we did and could use it in the future for educational purposes or for making our own film.

Annette Lowe at Sorel. August 2013. Photo by Colin StevensonMike then went on to recommend the wonderful Annette Lowe who had helped him with some previous filming. We  in turn are very grateful that Annette said yes when we approached her, and further agreed to come and film us in all weather and whatever we did through the year, however mundane it must have seemed sometimes. Annette also  agreed to volunteer her services and to hide in hedges whenever necessary.

When the choughs were shut in the release aviary for the winter, Annette thought that she had perhaps reached the end of this particular part of the programme. There is now plenty of footage of past activities available for use in future productions and, as a reflection on this work, Annette has kindly put together a short (13 minutes) video on the project to date. Sit back and watch this summary of everyone’s hard work and join us all in looking forward to the next phase. Oh, and hope for some good weather!