Would you like to help with the 2014 Jersey Small Mammal Survey?

Jersey bank vole. Photo by Denise McGowanThe Natural Environment Team at the Department of the Environment is looking for volunteer help with the 2014 Jersey Small Mammal Survey.

Work involved

Trap set. Photo by Denise McGowan

The work involves humanely trapping and handling Jersey’s small mammals; the Jersey bank vole, the wood mouse, the lesser white-toothed shrew and Millet’s shrew. Animals are identified, weighed, sexed and given a fur clip. This helps to identify them if they are caught again. There are 22 sites island-wide. Most sites are visited three times a day. The traps are checked and re-baited in the morning with mincemeat and oats and checked again twice more during the day. Assistance with setting and collecting traps (49 traps per site) is also required. Two sites are visited each day (sometimes three sites) by each person. There is a small amount of travel in between sites.


Lesser white-toothed shrew. Photo by Tim Ransom

Lesser white-toothed shrew. Photo by Tim Ransom

Autumn trapping will begin on the 8th September and will continue for 10 weeks. The work should end in the middle of November.  Volunteer help is required for weekdays and will most likely be required for the morning routine. This begins around 7.30am until approximately 10am (depending on how many animals are caught). The traps are then checked at midday and in the evening. Times can vary depending on dawn and dusk times.  Volunteer help would be greatly appreciated for the morning routines as mornings are the busiest times and anything else could be worked into a rota.

Millet's shrew in Jersey (2). Photo by Gregory Guida

Millet’s shrew in Jersey. Photo by Gregory Guida

Required from volunteers

Commitment – free time in the morning preferably, afternoon and evening if possible.

Own transport.

Good water proof clothing and suitable footwear (wellies or boots). Gloves and all other equipment will be provided.

Physically fit and prepared to work in all types of weather.

On offer

Training in handing small mammals will be provided prior to September trapping.

Petrol allowance will be provided for use of own vehicle.

Wood mouse

Wood mouse

Benefits from being involved

Experience in outdoor conservation work.

Experience with using Longworth traps and handling small mammals in Jersey

Helping to conserve Jersey’s small mammal population.

If you are interested or have any questions please contact the Natural Environment team by emailing Denise McGowan at d.mcgowan@gov.je. If you would like to chat about the work you can call Denise on 07797 810987