The wanderer returns!

mauve returns

Mauve returns to the flock (right). Photo by Liz Corry

Panic over, Mauve is back. We don’t know where she went but we know she is back safe and well.

As the birds become more familiar with their environment they will start to explore further afield. It is a bit unusual at this stage in the game and year which is why we asked for help.

Thanks to all of you who contacted us about Mauve. At the start of next year the males will begin looking for territories and some of the females will prospect for nest sites. This is when the fun and games will really begin for the radio-tracking team. We are always pleased to hear from members of the public about their chough sightings. For next year’s breeding season these sightings will not just be heart-warming but invaluable to the project and success of Jersey’s red-billed chough.

Thanks once again

Liz Corry