Reporting Jersey seabird casualties

Ouaisne dead bird count 05 Tim RansomMany thousands of seabirds including grebes, divers, ducks, auks, gulls, cormorants and shags spend the winter at sea in the Channel Islands. Even in a good year it is possible that some of these birds may be found dead on our coastline. However, in periods of extremely bad weather or during pollution incidents many hundreds of birds may wash up on the beaches.

Earlier this year over 1,000 dead birds were found on our beaches following a period of extreme weather in the area. In 2013 we had the tragic experience of PIBs being discharged in the Channel and killing many seabirds.

HW1The sight of dead birds like these is never pleasant but it is very important that we record the numbers of birds and their species in order to understand the extent of the incident and to predict what impacts there may be on already threatened seabird populations.

The birds may have rings or other identification devices and reporting these will increase our knowledge of the birds’ ecology as we can map where different species spend the winter or chose to moult and understand how long they can live.


If you find a dead seabird please report it immediately to Birds On The Edge at or phone Glyn Young at 01534 860032 or Cris Sellarés at 07700 337077 with the following important information:

1)The species of bird or size, colour of the head, body, beak and feet if species is unknown;

2) The date that you found the bird and your contact details if you are happy to share them;

Puffin. 22 February 2014. Photo by Harriet Whitford3)  Information on its location (e.g. which beach and nearest landmark such as slipway or café);

4)  A picture taken from your phone or camera, if you can;

5)  Any rings or other tags that it might have. If ringed, please write down the ring number and address.

This information can also be downloaded here

Thank you for your assistance.                                 

21 thoughts on “Reporting Jersey seabird casualties

  1. Gull found dead on French beach, Anneville sur mer, 9 September 2020, around 16:00 gmt bird ring : E14796

  2. Bonjour, j ai retrouver un bague d oiseau grâce à un détecteur de métaux sur une plage de l île d oleron. Il est écrit dessus inform museum jersey avec un numéro.

  3. Bonjour je viens de trouver un fou de bassan mort bagué n°F17808 sur la plage de cauville sur mer 76

    • Dear Philippe

      Many thanks for this report, I have passed it on to the Channel Islands Ringing Scheme.

      Very best wishes

      Glyn Young

  4. Found this morning dead Seagull on Seymour not far from the slip more or less opposite the steps on the tideline

  5. Bonjour,
    2 fous de Bassan échoués dimanche 7 août sur la plage de Omaha Beach a s qd urls use mètres l’un de l’autre.
    Le premier était blessé au niveau de la patte droite.
    L’autre portait une bague inform Museum Jersey F24023.

    • Dear Elizabeth. Many thanks, I have passed on the details to the Channel Islands Ringing Scheme.

      Very best wishes

      Glyn Young

  6. Hello, we found a bird ring on Ecalgrain beach, this 24th of August.
    The number is F7677.
    Inform museum jersey CI

    Bonjour, nous avons trouvé une bague d’oiseau sur la plage d’Ecalgrain, ce 24 aout. Le numero est F7677.

  7. Found at the beach Boulevard aristide briand nr159 between Ouistreham and La Breche (France). Nr on tack = F36034. I think it is a “Jan van Gent” (Dutch)

  8. Hello, today we found a dead gannet at the Beach of Blonville near the campsite “Camping de la Plage”. It has a Ring with the Information: Inform Museum Jersey Cl F20411.
    Before this we saw an injured gannet at the beach of Villers-sur-Mer at the coast of “Vaches Noirs”. One foot is broken (?) and the bird came to the beach to sit and rest. His partner bird was swimming at the coast.
    We hope so much that it will survive.
    I can send a foto if you want.

    • Dear Christine,

      Many thanks for this report. These birds are sad victims of the current bird flu outbreak affecting seabirds in the region. I will forward details of the ring to the Channel Islands ringing scheme and copy you in.

      Very best wishes

      Glyn Young

  9. Bonjour,
    bague retrouvée sur agon coutainville F21900
    Patricia Kean-Pierre L

    • Dear Jean-Pierre

      Many thanks for this report. The bird is likely to be a gannet ringed in Alderney. I will pass on the information to the Channel Islands Ringing Scheme.

      Very best wishes,

      Glyn Young

  10. Hello, found a dead Gannet on Mers-les-Bains’beach (80) in Picardy the 3th of december 2022. Number of ring : F24224.
    Rémi FRANCOIS, Hélène BRAULT & Océane FRANCOIS, (Picardy Nature Ornithologists group)

  11. Hello, I found on 6th of February 2023 in Plonevez Porzay (29 Finistère) a ring n ° F12947

    • Dear Quentin. Many thanks. This bird is a gannet and I will send on the details to the Channel Islands Ringing Scheme. Very best wishes, Glyn Young

    • Bonjour,
      Trouvé un Fou de Bassan mort sur la plage de Pourville dans le 76 portant le n°de bague suivant : F13248