Jersey’s Rangers come together to celebrate World Ranger Day

NE-IM-World Ranger Day 2015 Photo 30.07.2015World Ranger Day 2015

Rangers from both the National Trust for Jersey and the States of Jersey will be getting together on 31st July to remember rangers from around the world who have put their lives on the line to protect the planet’s natural environment and the wildlife that lives there.

World Ranger Day was set up by the International Ranger Federation in 2007 and promoted by their partners, the Thin Green Line Foundation, to celebrate the work rangers do to protect the world’s natural and cultural treasures and commemorate rangers killed or injured in the line of duty.

Rangers in Jersey don’t face the same dangers that some of their counterparts do around the world, but the dedicated rangers from the States of Jersey and the National Trust for Jersey provide a valuable and sometimes forgotten service in keeping Jersey’s countryside beautiful and protecting the Island’s wildlife. So, if you think that the natural places in Jersey, or elsewhere in the world, are looking good, remember the hard-working people who make sure they do so.