Standing Up For Guernsey’s Environment support amendments to Future Guernsey

guernsey-photo-by-barry-wellsFrom Standing Up For Guernsey’s Environment

meadow-pipit-photo-by-barry-wellsOn 15th November the Guernsey’s States of Deliberation will debate a new Policy and Resource Plan. This new policy document outlines the values and vision of the island and will be used to decide what the States of Guernsey will prioritise in the future.

It replaces the existing States Strategic Plan, which was built around three equal pillars; Social, Economic and Environmental. The Environmental Policy recognised that our environment is unique and central to our way of life, an equal partner to our economic growth, essential to our health and social wellbeing, a fragile resource and demanding of sustainable and wise use.

The new Policy and Resource Plan – “Future Guernsey” – sets out where the island should be in 20 years’ time. Unfortunately this doesn’t include protection of the environment.


If the new plan is accepted without amendment Guernsey’s environment and countryside will be threatened by continued exploitation and development.

Deputy Barry Brehaut, President of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure, has put forward several amendments to embed the environment in Future Guernsey. The amendments cover topics from protecting the marine environment to fostering engagement from the community in nature conservation.

A group of local organisations who are passionate about Guernsey’s natural environment and way of life have joined together to campaign for the States of Guernsey to vote in favour of these amendments. They believe that the in 20 year’s time Guernsey’s environment must be at least as good as it is now. The island cannot afford the loss of more green space or wildlife. Guernsey has already lost over 80 species in the last 100 years and we should not accept the loss of any more.

The campaign, “Standing up for Guernsey’s Environment” is calling for the public to contact their deputies and appeal them to support Deputy Brehaut’s amendments and ensure the States consider the environment in their new strategic policy.

Standing Up For Guernsey’s Environment is a collective of representatives from La Société Guernesiaise, RSPB Guernsey, The National Trust of Guernsey, Guernsey Tree’s for Life, Guernsey Climate Action Network, Guernsey Conservation Volunteers and La Société Conservation Herd. They are passionate about Guernsey’s natural environment and promoting environmental consideration within States decision making.