Are you interested in joining the ranks of Jersey’s butterfly recording volunteers?

Gatekeeper. Photo by Mick DrydenThe Jersey Butterfly Monitoring Scheme is a Department of the Environment initiative set up in 2004. The scheme depends on volunteer recorders who make a weekly count of butterflies at around 35 locations across the Island. Butterflies are an important indicator of the general health of the countryside, so this information helps the department to monitor the Island’s ecosystems and countryside. See previous BOTE reports here and here and read the report The State of Jersey’s Butterflies: Jersey Butterfly Monitoring Scheme 2004 to 2013 here


Training will be held at Howard Davis Farm (Committee Room, upstairs) (location here) at 10am until 1pm on Saturday 24th March and everyone is welcome, whether you are an experienced volunteer or a complete novice.

You will be taught how to walk a transect and also butterfly identification.  If you have been part of the volunteer team for a while and feel you do not need further training, you may wish to come anyway and share your experiences or provide some feedback.

To find out more or to book a place please contact Denise McGowan Tel: +44 (0)1534 441606 (after 14th March) or Email:

Clouded yellow. Photo by Mick Dryden