The Countryside Enhancement Scheme

If anybody interested in BIRDS ON THE EDGE is a coastal landowner and is in a position to help achieve the project aims, there is potential financial aid available via the Countryside Enhancement Scheme (CES).

Coastal bracken clearance to encourage heathland regeneration. Photo by Department of EnvironmentThe CES is an environmental improvement scheme which offers financial incentives to support and reward initiatives designed to look after Jersey’s countryside.

The scheme is designed to assist in the delivery of environmental projects that:

  • help maintain and improve the Island’s unique and internationally significant rural character, landscape, habitats, flora and fauna;
  • enhance, conserve and protect Jersey’s natural environment on a local scale;
  • implement Island-wide strategic environmental projects that will enhance biodiversity;
  • assist with the delivery of the Island’s commitments to International Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs) and local environmental objectives.

Who can apply for funding?

The scheme is open to anyone responsible for the management of land including:
• farmers
• growers
• land managers
• landowners
• businesses
• charities
• societies
• schools
• States departments

Please look at the Countryside Enhancement Funding website.

Tim Liddiard