Inter-Islands Environmental Meeting 2012 Alderney

Fort Clonque, Alderney. Photo by Alderney Wildlife TrustThis year’s annual inter-islands environmental meeting will be held in Alderney at Island Hall (Anne French Room) in St. Anne on 25th and 26th October. Hosted by the Alderney Wildlife Trust, this year’s meeting is supported by States of Alderney and the Alderney Commission for Renewable Energy (ACRE). Please e-mail Frankie Yates, Assistant Ecologist, Alderney Wildlife Trust for more information

The provisional agenda shows how wide-ranging this year’s meeting will be:

Day 1
Session 1
0945 In Memory  – Charles David and Margaret Long will be remembered
Conservation Grazing (Julia Henney)
• The use of pigs in bracken clearance (Sarah Lewington)
• Alderney Conservation Grazing Project Update
• Invertebrates in Conservation Planning
Developments on the state of Jersey’s butterflies’ 2013-14; a project focused
on using butterflies as environmental indicators, including looking for changes
in land management regimes especially countryside stewardship (Nina Cornish)
• Land Management for Insects in the Channel Islands (David Wedd)

Session 2
• Convention on Biodiversity – a Workshop for Small Territories held in Guernsey
Oct 2012 (Andrew McCutcheon)
• BIRDS ON THE EDGE: an update on the launch of the project to restore
Jersey’s coastlands and return the red-billed chough to the Channel Islands (Glyn Young and Liz Corry)
• Plémont Update – major land acquisition in the Channel Islands (Jon Horn)
• Seabird Season 2012 update (Paul Veron) 

Gannets at Ortac, Alderney. Photo by Alderney Wildlife TrustSession 3 Marine surveys, the standardisation of data handling and sharing of resources between the islands
Update on marine monitoring – the need for standardization of marine survey
methodology, data effort and shared resourcing within the islands (Greg Morel)
• UK Marine Monitoring Assessment Strategy (UKMMAS) – an update from the JNCC (joint cetacean protocol – marine renewable industry – data use guide)
• The Channel Marine Bird Observatory – developments following the
conclusions of the meeting held in Caen on 7/9/12. (What are the shared
species of interest between CI and France? What are the protocols for
consideration, the sites of concern, how do we share data, and who does
what?) (Karine Dedieu)

Session 4
1545 • Marine Strategic Planning; developing Ramsar Strategy to serve a purpose
(Alderney Wildlife Trust)
• Progress with Marine Protected Areas and Marine Habitat Mapping in the Isle of
Man (Fiona Gell)
• Overview of cetacean, seal & basking shark monitoring for the Isle of Man (Eleanor Stone)
• “FAME” (Future of the Atlantic Marine Environment) – a review to date (Helen
1700 End of day wind up discussion

Day 2

0700-0830 Morning bird-walk

All day: Workshops
• Conservation Management in practice
• Invertebrates and invasives in conservation management (includes site visit)
• Marine Monitoring techniques
• Environmental Impact Assessment practices