Chough report: December 2012

Report from Liz Corry

Captive choughs at Durrell

Gianna's foot strapped up. Photo by Liz CorryGianna was caught up for x-rays on the 18thafter a long course of anti-inflammatory drugs (Metacam) had made little improvement on her condition. The x-ray showed a fracture in one of her digits on the left foot that had tried to heal unsuccessfully. This explained the large amount of swelling that had developed around the digit. The vets applied a bandage to the foot designed to provide pressure relief on the joint and encourage her to use the foot. To prevent the muscles and tendons becoming locked up in one position the bandage will be changed weekly and alternate between having the foot in a flat position and a gripping position. Gianna was put back on a course of Metacam given in waxmoth larvae and kept in the shut off cage until treatment has finished.

Progress of the release aviaryRelease aviary progress 12th December 2012. Photo by Liz Corry

As expected with any project there have been the inevitable delays. Gale-force winds and rain stopped play on couple of days, but Trevor and his team have continued to battle away. The polytunnel hoops are in place as are the framework for the shed. Various holidays this month meant that work stopped on the 15th and will resume Release aviary progress 16th December 2012. Photo by Liz Corryin the first week of January. Durrell’s Bird Department staff visited the site on the 4th to see the build and offer moral support to Trevor and Jason in the form of gingerbread. I think it did the trick, except now they are placing orders!