Cornwall’s choughs – the dramas continue

The Lizard female. Photo by Bob Sharples recently relayed dramatic goings on in the lives of Cornwall’s choughs. Well, Cornish Choughs report that there have been further dramas from the Lizard:

“After reporting a few weeks ago that the male of the Lizard pair of choughs had gone, we are sad to say that his mate has also disappeared.  For just over a week the female continued to feed her two chicks with the help of the ‘usurper’ male, but she then vanished and we can only surmise she pined for her lost mate and died.  It is not unheard of for this to happen where there has been such a strong and long bond between two birds. She safely fledged 44 chicks over her lifetime, and some of those birds have gone on to raise families of their own.  Quite an achievement in the bird world and her place in Cornish history alongside her mate is assured.

There is a happier side to this story though as the incoming male is continuing to feed her two chicks.  They are doing well and are due to fledge next week.”

Updated 3rd July. From Cornish Choughs: “After a bewildering breeding season on Southerly Point with the original pioneering pair vanishing, we are pleased to announce their two chicks have fledged!  This has been made possible by the other male chough who continued to feed the young.  Amazing! Chough watcher Paul Gillard made a video of one of the new chough families in West Cornwall”.