Out and about with Arthur the Chough

Arthur awaits the Itex walkers 2013. Photo by Sarah NugentAs we wait patiently for the trial release, and our seven choughs get ready in their north coast aviary, one chough has been seen out and about in Jersey recently. Arthur the Chough recently spent some quality time on our coasts. First he looked in on the 2013 Itex walk on 22nd June. Not a natural walker, Arthur opted for the shorter Lieutenant-Governor’s Walk (a mere 13 miles) encouraging walkers from near Devil’s Hole before flying down to the end of Arthur and the Lt. Governor 2013. Photo by Sarah Nugentthis walk at La Braye in St Ouen’s Bay. This component of the annual walk took walkers, and indeed Arthur, through chough habitat and very close to the aviary. I hope the walkers enjoyed the stunning coastline and considered how it may be further enhanced in the future thanks to Birds On The Edge. The weather, sadly, early in the morning, was actually not too conducive to enjoying the countryside but Arthur was able to cheer up the hardy and even met the Lieutenant-Governor, General Sir John McColl.

Arthur assists Badlabecques at the Sunset Concert 2013. Photo by Sarah NugentArthur made a further guest appearance at the National Trust’s Sunset Concerts on 28th June. On this lovely evening, Arthur helped out during the performance by our friends Badlabecques. As last year’s concert raised the money needed for the release aviary it was only fair that Arthur should be on hand to thank everyone and spread the message about Birds On The Edge and his friends up at Sorel. Arthur was doubly proud to be there to hear Badlabecques sing the project’s ‘own’ song “Ma Bouaîs’sie” for the first time in public.

Arthur will be visiting the Island’s primary schools during the year, he has visited four so far and will be at another this week. He will be in the Wildlife Park for Durrell Days (13-14 July) and is also headlining at Jersey Live this year (31st August-1st September). Look out for Arthur, but please don’t confuse him with other corvids (look here for hints), and carry some cranefly larvae as a handful might make him a friend for life! He now has an egg to look after and carries a lunch box containing ants!